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ColorHiResPalmOS5 JICQ 1.1 Full ( April 15, 2014) Download JICQ
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Descripton: Native ICQ-client for Palm OS PDA. Full support for ICQ v8 protocol, unicode, and national codepages. Extended support for Sony, Tungsten T5, Treo, Palm OS4 PDAs.
Operating System:>= PalmOS 4
Resolutions:Low-Res 160x160, Hi-Res 320x320,
Portraite HiRes+ 320x480, Landscape HiRes+ 480x320
Language:Eng English, Rus Русский, Czech
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  • Licence never expired, all updates for free, no subscription fee
  • Licence getting for your hotsync name
  • At purchase of a new handheld computer the reuse of the license in a case by you is supposed if at you has not changed hotsync name
  • Please, look at JICQ versions for differences
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