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JSoft : PDA-Soft Development
International projects
Native icq-clent for PalmOS PDA. Full support for ICQ v8 protocol. Support unicode & international codepages. Extended support Sony, Tungsten T5, Treo, as well as PDA with PalmOS 4.


PalmOS JWalk
The goal of the game is connecting al the computers in to a network, connected to the global net by arranging the connecting elements.


PalmOS WhoCalled / Вам звонили
Convert phone numbers to names from SMS "WhoCalled".

PalmOS JTaskbar
3 in 1 additional launcher: list recently executed applications, quick launch, silk screen enhancer

Windows JMViewer
Desktop part for Palm Movie Maker (by Dmitry Grinberg)

Windows JSkinMaker
You can create own skins for JTaskbar or JWalk, using this special utility.

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