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Development news archive
2010-Мар-22WhoCalled Full is avaliable for FREE
2009-Jan-20Demo version of JICQ updated to 1.1b4. Smiles libraries support
2008-Jan-05WhoCalled updated to 1.2
2007-Oct-16Demo version of JICQ updated to 1.1b4
2007-Aug-14Demo version of JICQ updated to 1.1b1
2007-Jun-20JICQ updated to version 1.0.9
2007-May-27JICQ updated to version 1.0.8
2007-Mar-26JICQ updated to version 1.0.7
2007-Feb-28JICQ updated to version 1.0.6
2007-Jan-29JICQ updated to version 1.0.5
2006-Dec-13Demo version of JICQ updated to version 1.041b2
2006-Dec-05JICQ updated to version 1.04
2006-Nov-29JICQ updated to version 1.033
2006-Nov-09JICQ updated to version 1.031
2006-Oct-20First official release of icq-client for PalmOS - JICQ Std version
2006-Sep-12Published native icq client - JICQ Lite
2005-Dec-20Reuploaded JSkinMaker 1.3
2005-Nov-29JTaskbar updated to ver. 1.2 beta
2005-Oct-20Instant messaging ICQ-client for PalmOS developed
2005-Oct-12JSkinMaker updated to version 1.3
2005-Sep-20JWalk version 2.4 released!
2005-Jul-22JWalk version 2.3 released!
2005-Apr-24JWalk version 2.2 released!
2005-Apr-11JWalk version 2.1 released!
2005-Apr-04JWalk version 2.0 released!
2005-Feb-24Ratings fixed
2005-Feb-24JWalk high score ratings
2005-Feb-24JWalk update v.1.6
2005-Feb-12JWalk update v.1.6b1 New addons!
2005-Jan-24JWalk update v1.5
2005-Jan-24JWalk update v1.4
2005-Jan-11NetWalks update - JWalk 1.3
2005-Jan-06Changed name of game and new version uploaded NetWalks 1.2
2005-Jan-03NetWalk puzzle game
2004-Nov-08New Skins available for JTaskbar
2004-Oct-30JMViewer 1.8 released
2004-Oct-29Archive with JSkinMaker 1.1 updated
2004-Aug-28JTaskbar 1.09 and JTaskbar 1.09RU released
2004-Aug-28JSkinMaker 1.1 for JTaskbar published
2004-Aug-26Documentation for JTaskbar published
2004-Aug-01JTaskbar 1.08s released (Fix: On clear install crashes Palm)
2004-Jul-28JTaskbar 1.08 released
2004-Jul-06JTaskbar 1.07s released (see what's new)
2004-Jun-29JSkinMaker 1.0b for JTaskbar released
2004-Jun-28JSoft Support phorum
2004-Jun-22JTaskbar 1.06 released (see what's new)
2004-Jun-12JMViewer 1.7 released (fix compressed format)
2004-Jun-08JTaskbar 1.05 released
2004-Jun-05JTaskbar 1.04 released
2004-Jun-01JTaskbar 1.03 released (some fixes)
2004-May-23JTaskbar 1.01 released
2004-May-19JTaskbar 1.0 - 2 in 1: Launcher for start of last executed applications and quick launch
2004-May-10JMViewer 1.61 released (incorrect fps bugfix)
2004-May-04JMViewer 1.6 released (more postprocessing, area selection)
2004-Apr-29JMViewer 1.5 released (some addons)
2004-Apr-29JMViewer 1.4 released (post processing)
2004-Apr-27JMViewer 1.31 released (some fixes)
2004-Apr-26JMViewer 1.3 released (supported codecs)
2004-Apr-25JMViewer 1.21 released (fixes)
2004-Apr-24JMViewer 1.2 released (supported export ot AVI)
2004-Apr-23JMViewer 1.1 released (compressed ZMC format suppport, scaling support)
2004-Apr-22JMViewer 1.0 released (playing ZMM files)

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